Can you automatically login to the cloud up restarting?

Can you automatically login to the cloud upon restarting? If not are there plans to at least allow this to be an option? Get told constantly the Alexa isn’t working, mainly because I updated something as I constantly am tweaking and learning then forget to log back in after restarting.


Are you referring to Nabu Casa cloud or something else, I’ve never experienced Nabu Casa to log out after a reboot of Hassio?

Yes. As far as where under configuration in Home Assistant you have to put in your email and the password to the cloud. If that logs out for whatever reason then Alexa can’t function. I can’t say for a fact every time I restart Hassio it does it but definitely on occasion. Since I am daily making a few changes because of learning and adding to my configuration, I log back in daily as well. Not the end of the world just thought it would be nice if I could just set it and forget it.

I never logout from Nabu Casa however on alexa smart home devices which expose from Nabu Casa show devices offline every few days.