Can you configure the front end to not display an error for disabled entities?

Every year, like most people, we put up a Christmas Tree. I have a simple Z-Wave switch that lives permanently connected to the lights we put on the tree. As far as my Fibaro HC2 is concerned, for ~11 months of the year the device is just dead. Which is fine with me - saves me having to reconfigure it all the time and has no affect on anything else.

What I was hoping to be able to do is just disable the entity in Home Assistant once we take the tree down, and then enable it again when we put it up again next year. Ideally, this would cascade to my Google Home Integration too - so that I don’t have a “Christmas Tree” light visible all year round. Looks like disabling an entity does make it disappear from Google Home, but I get a big yellow box appear in my Lovelace interface, saying Entity not found. It’s present in a few places - the lighting dashboard and in the room-by-room interface I have.

Is there a way of making Home Assistant handle it a bit more gracefully? So, if entity not found, just don’t show the row? Or some way of conditionally showing specific items in the Entity Card based on whether it’s enabled?

state_not: "unavailable"