Can you force a sensor off in ESP-Home?

I’m trying to make the front door open automatically as we approach the door using Nut tags and/or BLE on our phones.

But when the sensor is slow to respond, this morning it took 2.5 minutes for the sensor to stop reporing me as home compared to the wifi sensor.
It may not seem as much, but if I just walk out with the trash then the sensor won’t have had time to go off and I would have to open the door manually.

So is there any way to when another sensor, for simplicity, a binary sensor is off toggle this sensor as off too?

  - platform: ble_presence
    ibeacon_uuid: 'e24fa42a-055d-4920-9f03-c5d9855f8e74'
    name: "Andreas telefon"

I have tried to set the state in HA but that only affects the HA state, it’s not set in ESP-Home.
And that means it still believes I’m home and doesn’t bother that I show up again. (it seems).