Can You Help Me Figure Out HomeKit Controller Integration?

Hello everyone! I am looking for a general pointer, a pointer to an RTFM, or just to figure out if what I want to do is possible.

I would like to write a series of Python scripts to replace the automations that I can create in HomeKit using iOS apps like Home, Eve, and Controller. I am hoping that the HomeKit Controller integration will allow me to do that. If I am way mistaken, please tell me.

I have installed Home Assistant, but when I try to add the HomeKit Controller integratio, it tells me “No unpaired devices could be found.” I assume this means that to add the integration, I need at least one HomeKit device that is no longer paired with any HomeKit system. I tried with a brand new Philips Hue motion sensor (literally ripped out the tab off the battery), and same thing.

So… I think the issue might be that there is no communication path between this particular accessory and the Home Assistant running on my Raspberry Pi. That is no shock.

Is there any way that I can use Home Assistant to do what I want, with the given that the vast majority of my “smart” devices connect through the Hue Bridge?

Is it… the Hue Bridge that I need to unpair from my HomeKit system?

I am fairly comfortable with wireless technologies, UNIX systems, and programing–just, I’m dusting off the books on it. I am a little bit clueless about how HomeKit works.

Any pointers would be so truly appreciated. I can work with any morsel of info and do more research.

Thank you for anyone who reads this and considers whether they can give input!

did you get this worked out? I have this same problem. I originally had a homebridge, that was paired to Home Assistant and working fine. It broke I thought the easy route would be to delete the integration and start over, since I’ve done that I cannot add the integration back, same thing, no unpaired devices found. I tried deleting and recreating my homebridge and same issue.