Can you hide 'off' and 'no state history found' from nested groups (a group within a group)?

I’ve got a couple of nested groups (these are just groups within another group, so you click the title of the group to show a window with its contents). See below for an example:

This is the overview of the group - notice the ‘off’ next to the friendly name - this has nothing to do with the state of anything, for all of my nested groups it has ‘off’ next to it, unless they contain switches/lights then it has a toggle switch (like media centre).

This is what opens when you click the friendly name of the group.

I’ve specified not to record the history within the recorder as it’s of no use, given that it only contains multiple scripts. Is there a way to hide the ‘off’ next to the nested group title and also the ‘no state history found’ text thats displayed where the history would usually be?

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Ever figure this out?

Maybe with Lovelace this will be easier to accomplish?