Can you Invert the UART TX Pin


The UART Pin normally sits Hi, and goes low when data is sent. Can this be inverted.

If so, what is the syntax?

Regards, Dave

I think not atm in software. But there seems to be an update coming…

Thanks, I am using a ESP8266 so might have to do it in hardware this time.

But will keep an eye on this topic.

Thanks for the reply, Regards, Dave

Quick update:
This seems to be implemented now also for ESP8266:

A short check showed that it works, but I can’t get the UART RX pin to be inverted properly.
The RX idle voltage level is still on 3.3V…
Connecting TX directly to RX works, but when I use an external source I get the following voltage levels: logic 0: ~3V, logic 1: ~6V.
I’m doing these tests with a Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266).

Has anyone had the same issue?