Can you open a URL using a script?

Every time there’s an update, I apply it and read the release notes while it updates. I’d love to have a button that has two actions on one press:

  • applies the latest core update
  • opens the release notes for me to read at the same time

It’s soooo difficult to open the release notes, switch back to hass, apply the update, switch back to the browser… life is hard enough already folks.

However, I can’t figure out how to open a URL from a script. It doesn’t seem possible, despite being an action for a button.

Can anyone help me solve this real, pressing problem?

run a command line script?
Command line Sensor - Home Assistant (

I’ve come up with a workaround! I have an automation that watches for updates to be applied, and sends a notification with a link to the release notes. This allows me to start the upgrade from any device, and view release notes at my convenience.

It also notifies family members when HA goes down, as well as when it’s done starting up again.

- id: '1234567898765'
  alias: Update Notifications
  description: Notifies all mobile devices when updates start, and when they're completed.
  - platform: state
    - update.home_assistant_core_update
    - update.home_assistant_operating_system_update
    - update.home_assistant_supervisor_update
    attribute: in_progress
    id: Update in progress
    to: 'true'
  - platform: homeassistant
    event: start
    id: Startup
  condition: []
  - choose:
    - conditions:
      - condition: trigger
        id: Update in progress
      - service: notify.all_mobile_apps
          message: Thank you for your patience.
          title: '{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.title | replace("Home Assistant","Updating")
            }} {{ trigger.from_state.attributes.installed_version }}→{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.latest_version
            clickAction: '{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.release_url }}'
            - action: URI
              title: Release notes
              uri: '{{ trigger.to_state.attributes.release_url }}'
    - conditions:
      - condition: trigger
        id: Startup
      - service: notify.all_mobile_apps
          message: Startup complete!
            clickAction: /
    default: []
  mode: single