Can you remove nginx?

I added duckdns and let’s encrypt but uninstalled it. My PC browser keeps getting 502 Bad Gateway nginx errors on external sites (like american airlines). Appears as if has taken over/intercepted my PC’s dns directs?? If I clear Chrome browser data, it clears up for a few minutes then comes back again.
I never installed nginx…is it part of

Are you using the adguard home add-on as a DNS? This uses nginx and would effect external sites.

Do you have ports properly forwarded from router?

Thanks silvrr and tmjpugh,
No and yes. I can access HA externally (no ssl) and I don’t have adguard. I have no add-ons other than CEC, file editor, lutron, nod-red, samb and termina/ssh.

Seems like nginx is stuck in my system and has hijacked dns…

Sorry. I read you cannot access HA but missed cannot access


Can you try another browser? Just to confirm issue is not chrome only.

Have you checked dns server settings for PC? Must check in the browser, in PC settings and at router.

Do you get 502 error or nginx 502 error?