Can You Sort the Integration Cards?

I feel those cards are displayed randomly, making it a bit of a effort to search for a specific integration. Is there a setting to sort them Alphabetically?

It might seem random but they are alphabetically sorted by the name of the integration itself, not the name it has been given in your particular environment.
But I guess it’s a fair point, so maybe you want to raise a feature request for this?

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Search is easy, type a few chars and its done.

The UX issue is that the name of the configured integration is the main title, rather the name of the integration itself


It doesn’t help that if you have multiple instance, then the integration title becomes main.
I agree it would be less confusing if the integration name would consistently be the main header…

Since you can use the configuration menu in the bottom right corner to change the name, you can make them appear in the order you like. I do not think the name is used anywhere else. I do it quite often to have more logical names that better reflect the integration.

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