Can you still not prevent the app starting in "overview"?

The overview dashboard cannot be removed, my is completely empty, i use a yaml-based dashboard, the yaml-dashboard is the defualt, but the app always starts in the empty overview-dashboard. Is this still impossible to fix?

Go to Settings > Dashboard > Open the desired dashboard and hit the “Set as default on this device” button - not a global setting but possible on a device basis at least.

I can’t see such a setting in the app?

Oh, I have it in all browsers and the iOS app, so I assumed it was available everywhere - sorry.

It’s in the app…

Choose the menu bars, then choose your Name at the very bottom (your profile), then about half way down, there is a “Dashboard” pull down menu.

As @ol_i said, it is possible on a device basis.


Yeah I really wish this would be global or per user, had multiple times where it’s reset on the device/browser

It is possible to change the default to a yaml mode dashboard for every one, as documented in the link below. Rename your own to-be-default yaml dashboard to ui-lovelace.yaml and follow the instructions form the documentation below. Beware though you must include all resources in your configuration manually now, HA will no longer use the automatically added any more. You will also lose access to the UI default dashboard, but you can still create and edit other UI built/generated ones:

If you want another UI built dashboard to be the default, ignore the above, simply go to the raw view of your preferred dashboard and copy all the code to the default overview.

As far as i can see, that setting is nowhere in the android-app.

If you want a default dashboard for one person and device only, it is there in android as well. Click on your profile picture at the bottom of the menu. But this setting is lost if you clear the cache. So if you want to change the global default for every one on every device, follow the description in my earlier post.

Thanks a lot, I found the setting in the app. But I didn’t quite get the part about being able to create UI-generated dashboards, I didn’t thing that was possible if you had it in yaml-mode, instead of storage mode?

If you want to create an auto-generated dashboard, you can indeed do this in storage mode by removing all the contents in the raw view. You can also do this if your default dashboard is in yaml mode.

What I was trying to say is, the global default dashboard can either be storage mode or yaml mode, as long as it is called ui-lovelace. Either way you can always have a mix of yaml mode dashboards and strorage mode dashboards. It also does not keep you form keeping an auto generated one.

I changed the default Dashboard on my Tablet to one designed for the Tablet, but it now hides the Overview dashboard completely. Is it possible to have it to “Start” on a dashboard byt still allow us to use the overivew dashboard?

Hello. I’m having an issue wherein my selected default dashboard won’t persist in the iOS app. I’ll make a selection besides the default dashboard and whenever I login next time (at minimum maybe 45-60 min later) it will revert back to default dashboard. I’ve made other changes at the same time such as theme and time format preferences and those do manage to stick around.imkotfr I’m not sure if this a me problem mucking it up somehow, an intended feature, etc. T