Can you use binary-sensor simultaneous with device tracker?


I use, with succes , de device tracker / platform ping to ping my mobile phones as precense detection.
This works great.

The I would try to experiment with binary-sensor platform ping (Ping (ICMP) - Home Assistant).
I added the rule to my configuration.yaml file

  - platform: ping
    name: "test"

The entity was created but keeps the status unavailable even when this device is pinable.
So does it has to do something with the device tracker:

  - platform: ping


Do you actually have a device at If your subnet is 192.168.2 then perhaps not.

I have one to ping my router

  - platform: ping
    host: 192.168.XXX.XXX   <---- Your IP Address here
    count: 2
    name: ping_router
    scan_interval: 600 

Sorry my mistake. I just copied the IP address. I do have an address at All of my IP addresses are in the same subnet Because of your reply I do have changed the IP adress of the binary sensor , in my original post ,to instead of

Have you checked your configuration and rebooted core?

I get this when I go to developer tools

I restarted the core, and only have :

How often are you scanning?

Sorry voor de latere reactie. Ik heb geen scanning interval opgegeven dus dit is default elke 5 min.