Cancel no_motion_wait in Motion-activated Blueprint?

Using the HA Motion-activated Light Blueprint:

alias: Motion-activated Light lr
description: ""
  path: homeassistant/motion_light.yaml
    motion_entity: binary_sensor.lr_motion_group
      entity_id: light.osram_classic_a60_w_clear_lightify_light
    no_motion_wait: 15

Can I cancel the ‘no_motion_wait’ action? ie when the wait time is counting down I want to cancel the lights off.

I know how to do this in an automation with a timer helper but I wonder if this might be a better way.

In that blueprint, the no-motion-delay is a delay, so there isn’t a nice way in code to shortcut it.
However, you could just turn the light off with another script or automation or dashboard button or physical smart button or voice command anytime you like, and the original automation will just turn it off again when it finishes the delay.

Thanks but I want the light to stay on. ie not turn off at the end of the delay.

I am not sure it is possible.