Candle Sensor

I am putting this out, asking for anyone’s thoughts on the subject.

My wife likes candles. The real ones with flames. I hate the things, they are nothing but little fires that desperately want to grow up to be big fires. Because of my feelings, I would like to create a sensor that can tell me if a candle is lit so that I can be sure to blow it out at bedtime or when i leave the house.

I’m not looking for a smoke detector here, just something that can detect those little flickering murderers.

Any ideas on how to tell if a candle is lit?




Lol I like your take on candles. I don’t have a direct answer and never have seen an off the shelf version but I know the Trinity Firefighting Robot contest people have many methods of sensing flaming candles. Might be worth a search and see.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Image processing could be an option if you can get an image from the place where your candles usually are placed. I don’t think that a CO2 sensor will work but an IR Flame Sensor Module Detector could do the trick.

Late to the party, but I have an Amazon Dash button that I store with the box of matches and tell the wife to hit the button when she lights a candle. The dash button turns an input_boolean on. When I shut my bedroom lights off at night it checks the input_boolean. If on Google Homes reminds us to blow out the candles.

That’s a good idea