Cannot access HA and I can only see aircast on my router

Hi guys,

So I was working some on the house a few weeks ago and disconnected my google wifi router and had some issues when I connected it again so had to do a factory reset.

After this I can’t access HA on my app.

Here comes the description. Warning, I am not really good at this and may be making some stupid mistake.

I run HA on a RPI4. Hooked up with an Ethernet cable. I cannot see it on the router anymore. Just aircast, it shows:

When I go to that IP address, I get to the HA login page, but after that I only get this when I log in:

I’ve tried to forward the ports but it doesn’t help.

Anyone got any clue what I could do?

Lol, solved it.

Forwarded 8123 to 8123 and it started to work. I had some vague vague recollection of doing it back a year ago when I set it up, so I just tried it and everything started to work.