Cannot access HA at all!

Hello and thanks in advanced for the help. I am currently having a problem logging into my HA account. I am hosting it from a VM off my main computer and it was working for about a few weeks but now I have ran into a problem. First off I was creating a duck dns and implementing it into my config.yaml. I then went to try and access my HA from my duck dns address and it did not work so I went back to HA and it was not responding. So I restarted the web browser and now my VM will not connect to the internet and seems as if it has no internet. While troubleshooting I did a stupid thing and deleted the duck dns address so I might have really messed up. Any help would be appreciated. I am really new to all this also so please forgive me for that as well. Thanks!

It seems like a VM related problem (not HA related), try these in the same order.

  1. From VM console (OS not HA terminal) try pinging the host OS machine
  2. In the VM start a console terminal and try “ping”

If the above two works then webUI from host machine should be able to access HA UI (http://ha_VM_address:8123) using a browser.

Thanks for your response. Sorry for sounding so ignorant but how exactly do I get to the terminal to ping try and even ping the host. I know how to get to command prompt for windows but not the VM.

In VM when you get the shell prompt, type “root” and it will drop to “ha >” without any password.

You mentioned DuckDNS then it also possible that you activated SSL in which case the URL will be accessed via https not http.

This also brings up a good point to save snapshots of HA, you could have pulled a fresh VM file and then loaded the last saved snapshot and restored HA within few minutes.

Hope this helps.