Cannot access HA via browser or app

My HA Yellow just arrived and I try to run it, but cannot access it via browser or HA Android app.
Should I try to re-install HA manually, or do I miss some configuration step?

Hardware: Home Assistant Yellow Standard, no SSD installed. Connected to power and Ethernet (directly to router - Asus TUF-AX5400)

  1. Red constantly on
  2. Green short blink every 0.6 seconds or so, no blinking pattern change
  3. Yellow two short blinks every 1 second (heartbeat?), no blinking pattern change
  4. LAN green constantly on
  5. LAN yellow randomly blinking

Router: sees new device (I believe it was named “homeassistant” by default), assigned IP via DHCP, but cannot get the manufacturer info (it does for other all devices in network)
Browser: “Unable to connect” to homeassistant.local:8123, homeassistant:8123 or 192.168.x.x:8123 (IP from router) (tested with and without “http”)
Android app: automatic scan finds nothing, answers “Server or proxy hostname lookup failed” for http://homeassistant.local:8123, “Error code: -6, ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” for http://homeassistant:8123 and http://IP:8123
Ping: works (0% loss) for “homeassistant” (but displays IPv6 address), “homeassistant.local” (same IPv6), and for IPv4 from router.
Debug on Windows PC via USB: nothing new in “Ports” section, but new entry in “Other devices” (“CP2102N USB to UART Bridge Controller”), so I cannot proceed with debugging guide.

I don’t have a HA Yellow, but here are the LED meanings:

So there is a CM4 installed right(the raspberry pi board)? Just wanna make sure!

Yes, CM4 it’s included and pre-assembled in Home Assistant Yellow Standard. I also visually checked that it has eMMC storage (as much as I could without removing cooling).

I’ve checked the LED codes before posting, and those look OK for me. Both green and yellow have regular blinking pattern which doesn’t match any RaPi warning codes, and looks like “Heartbeat” (it isn’t precisely explained what heartbeat is, but looks like regular double-blink is similar to heart pattern).

What bothers me is that Ping is able to access “homeassistant” and “homeassistant.local”, so some sort of HA process seems to be running, but I cannot get anything more than that.

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The resolution - I still don’t know what was wrong, but the problem is solved now.
I just re-installed Home Assistant OS using rpiboot (second option on this link: How to reinstall the operating system – Home Assistant Yellow )

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Just throwing in my $0.02…

I had the same issue with a brand new HA Yellow that would get a network connection (and I could ping), but I could not access the web interface. I also re-installed, but used Option 1 from @Kanzi’s link (where you hold down the red and blue buttons and then install from USB), and I was up and running after that process.