Cannot access from Ubuntu desktop

Hi and greetings from Finland!
I am totally new to Hassio and managed still to install it and run the basic hassio system.
But, i prefer to use Ubuntu Linux (since i have been using it for years).
Hassio runs on a RP3 and is located in the same local network as my desktop. The problem is, that i cannot access hassio from Ubuntu network browser, first it asks username and password to my Home Assistant, but after that it asks some password for server that i havent set up. Tried to put in my desktops password, wifi password and Nome Assistant password and not one of tem is valid.

Can anyone help me? Recently used win10 and i was able to access hassio/confic (But not anymore that either).

Thanks in advance,

Did you configure one?


Did you click on API Password and that is what you are mistaking ?


right…because literally none of those systems have anything to do with Home Assistant.