Cannot access to HA with https - lets encript certicate not updated?


I cannot access to HA with https and on the iPhone app since I had to renew my certificate with lets encrypt.
My browser (Firefox) and my smartphone still detect the old and outdated certificate.

The lets encrypt certifcate update worked with no errors and I can see the new created certificate (fullchain.pem & privkey.pem) on the shared files in /ssl

Where I am wrong ?


Thank you for the help

Did you try clearing your web browser cache?

I did a Ctrl+F5 and a full clear cache.
The certicate is still the old but I can now accept it and access to home assistant.

I’m looking for a way to update the certificate.

I tryed to renew my certificate with letsencrypt and it says that it’s still valid :
Everything looks ok on the home assistant side.

What do you think ?

Now it works !
Maybe the propagation time ?