Cannot add any new Z-Wave devices

Using HA on RPi4 with Z-Wave JS 0.1.64. My existing 28 device Z-Wave network is functioning just fine, but I cannot add any Z-Wave device now, it just times out. This includes both brand new devices of any brand/type, and existing devices if I reset them. I have an Aeotec 5+ stick.

  • Power cycling doesn’t work
  • Restarting Z-Wave JS doesn’t work
  • Excluding devices doesn’t work
  • Bringing devices closer doesn’t work (BUT, if I bring a device literally 6 inches away, it says “The device could not be added” instead of failing to find it entirely)

I’m not sure when this started but it was probably after one of the recent updates to Z-Wave JS. It could have been a month ago for all I know.

After getting burned previously with the HAOS no-boot after update thing a few months ago, I’ve just about had it with HA unless someone has a simple solution to this total Z-Wave meltdown. Is it a better strategy to just never update anything?

Maybe the Aeotec stick has failed? I have a spare stick but AFAIK all of the devices are tied directly to the stick and not HA so if I replace the stick I have to re-create the entire network, correct?

Anyway, please help, my system is totally broken now, thanks.

Rolled back a full system backup to May when everything was absolutely working perfectly (with Z-Wave JS 0.1.57) and the broken devices are still broken, devices still won’t add.

Backed up my Aeotec Gen5+ stick using their backup utility, restored it to a new Gen5+ stick, and there was no effect, everything is still broken.

Have you looked at the z-wave logs to see if there are any clues there? Both the integration and add on have options to show logs

Nothing that stands out to me.

Bought a different Z-Wave stick, the gen 7 from Zooz, wiped and reinstalled Z-Wave JS.

There was no effect, everything was still broken. Both inclusion and exclusion still broken.

Now doing a complete wipe and reinstall of Home Assistant. Man, HA stability seriously sucks.

Are you trying to include with/without security? Have security keys been set? It would be helpful if you provided the logging from when you clicked the Add Device/Inclusion process and the few seconds after that. Are you using the (default) Z-WaveJS or Z-WaveJS2MQTT addon? The 28 devices you have working, do they actually change values within HA?

There is no difference between the three inclusion security choices, they all fail. Security keys were set by leaving fields blank which HA autofills. Using Z-WaveJS. The logs don’t show anything since it doesn’t find devices during inclusion. Not sure what you mean by change values within HA.

Did a complete wipe and reinstall of Home Assistant and used the new Zooz Gen 7 key. It still won’t include devices. I hypothesized that some device was causing a Z-Wave network storm, so I went around the house and air-gapped all dimmers but one, and still couldn’t pair. I don’t think any of the sensors could be causing a storm because this has been going on for weeks and the battery would be dead by now.

The only thing left is the Raspberry Pi 4 failing somehow, so I’ll swap that out as well, but it seems super unlikely.

If you’re using a new Z-Wave controller (Zooz Gen 7) it has no link to the existing Z-Wave network. Which device do you have linked to your Z-WaveJS at this point? If you still have the Aeotec stick linked to the Z-WaveJS addon/integration you can run Z-WaveJS2MQTT as a separate addon using the Zooz stick, you can use it’s control panel to start inclusion and exclusion, see if that works at all.

any resolution here?