Cannot add Apple TV to HASS

Hello all,

I’m trying to add my Apple TV to HASS but I can’t seem to do it and I’m not sure why. The instructions simply say it should be automatically detected, or if not, insert the name of the Apple TV or its IP address. I tried inserting both and neither works. It just says “No devices found on the network”.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many questions about this online, so googling it doesn’t help. I’ve tried a recommendation of enabling airplay but that didn’t change anything. I was gonna try a beta integration method but that was from several years back and they said it’s already rolled into the current Apple TV integration.

I’m running HASS as a VM on my Unraid Server and everything is on the same local network. I have various other things that are on the same network (wired or wifi) that are detected by HASS automatically (e.g. printer or NAS) so I’m pretty sure it’s not network related.

Don’t know what changes I should make on Apple TV to make it work, but I really hope there’s a way to get this working. All I really want is to be able to turn on my TV via Apple TV when I walk into the living room and stay there for a few seconds.

What happens when you put in the IP address of your Apple TV? I have eight in my house and they work fine. I’ve never had it not auto discover so it is possible that your VLAN is blocking something. You could also try plugging it into the same hub/network as your HA system to see if that makes any difference.

I did try to put in the IP address of the Apple TV but I got the same error shown above.

Is your HASS running on a VM or directly off a device? You might have a point about how HASS is communicating with Apple TV. I think it has something to do with Multicast from what I’m reading here Apple TV 4th gen not getting connected · Issue #95413 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I do run my HA on a Virtual Machine but I use VMWare for it and it is not currently in a VLAN (in the early planning stages of redoing my network where it will be on a VLAN in the future).

I have the same issue, no matter what I do I cannot add Apple TV to my Home Assistant on my Synology NAS. I have a Unifi router and turned on multi cast and still no luck. Any clarification or assistance would be great. Thanks

I still have no luck with it either, and decided to put it far in the back burner for now. It’s not important enough for me to try and figure it out lol. I do believe that the issue might have something to do with Unifi and potentially multicasting situation in Unifi.