Cannot add individual device to Energy dashboard - resolved


We have a 3 phase installation in our house. I’ve recently installed few Shelly em3 to monitor the total, consumption, garage consumption and water boiler.

After monitoring for couple of weeks, it became obvious that the load is identical on the 3 phases of the water boiler.

So I took phase 1 and 2 away to monitor two heat pumps instead.

I’m now trying to create a sensor that simply multiply the “phase 3” consumption by 3, and add it to the dashboard.

Here are the 2 template sensors I created:

- sensor:
    - name: Boiler Energy
      unique_id: energy_boiler_energy
      unit_of_measurement: "kWh"
      state: '{{ states("sensor.water_boiler_phase_3_energy") |float(0) * 3 |round(2) }}'
      device_class: energy

- sensor:
    - name: Boiler Power
      unique_id: energy_boiler_power
      unit_of_measurement: "W"
      state: '{{ states("sensor.water_boiler_phase_3_power") |float(0) * 3 |round(2) }}'
      device_class: power

I can see the values and history when adding the 2 entities to a custom dashboard. But am not able to selected them in the Energy tab > Individual devices > ADD DEVICE.

What am I doing wrong?


You need state_class: total for the energy. You will never see power sensors.

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Thanks Francis! This is just what I needed :slight_smile: