Cannot add PLANT STATUS Card, "config is not supported" error

I have a Mi Flora Plant sensor and I can read out all sensors data. I also created a plant element in my config. In the “Unused Entities” menu I see the element and it shows all sensors.

When I try to add the “PLANT STATUS” Card I get the following error:

What am I doing wrong?

@Hackmett, I dont use hassio but in normal ha it will always start like that until you specify a plant entity as follows (in your case plant.daenerys):

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Thanks, that did the trick!

Where did you get that nice image?

Plant images from google search 8)

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I should have specified my question :smiley:
How did you get that image there? The normal Plant Status Card doesn’t have an image parameter? Is this a custom card?

Classic !

You want to add something like the following to your configuration.yaml:

            friendly_name: Dragon Tree
            entity_picture: /local/dragon_tree.jpg

And store the image in your config/www directory


Awesome, it works and looks great! Thank you!