Cannot Add Samsung Smart TV When On Different VLAN from Server

I set up an IoT vlan that works in almost all cases except for trying to connect my Samsun Smart TV to Home Assistant. When I connect the TV to my regular wifi that is on the same vlan as the HA server, the TV is auto discovered and able to be added to HA. The TV will give a prompt to apprve the connection to Home Assistant.

But when I connect the TV to my IoT wifi on the IoT vlan I am unable to connect the TV to Home Assistant. The TV is not auto discovered and when I try to manually add the TV through the integration, plugging in the IP address, it appears to see the TV (the model number is listed in the window) but I do not get hte prompt on the TV to approve the connection. I’ve tried clearing out Home Assistant from the approved devices list on the TV but that didn’t help. Its like HA can see the TV on the network but can’t complete the setup.

Additionally, I am able to ping the device from a laptop on my main wifi/main vlan.

I’ve tried to diable my drop traffic rule between vlans to see if that was the issue but even that didn’t allow HA to add the TV.

I’m not quite sure what is causing this issue and I’m at a loss on what to try next.

Just found this known issue.