Cannot add second Aqara FP2

Installing my first Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 was easy and works perfectly with Home Assistant, so I got another one for a different room. When I tried to do the same method to install it, Home Assistant just gave me the loading wheel of death. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

And that method was?

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I added a HomeKit Device, selected the FP2 and entered the device ID. The first one added immediately, the second one just hangs.

Same exact situation here. First one added no problem. Now trying the second one. The modal pops up with a few choices, one of them is the second FP2, but when I hit submit it just spins. Did you ever sort this out?

EDIT: A power cycle made it show in HA. I’d already cycled it at least a few times in the hour prior to trying to adopt it, so not sure why that suddenly worked. Maybe it’s only discoverable for a certain amount of time after booting.

Thanks! Will give it a go!