Cannot add solar panels in energy dashboard

Hello there,

I simply cannot add my solar panels to the energy dashboard. I created a little script that populates one sensor with power data every 15 seconds. The Power sensor has the following attributes:

state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: W
device_class: power
friendly_name: power_production_total

I then proceeded to create a sensor with the riemann sum based on the previous sensor witht he following attributes:

state_class: total
source: sensor.power_production_total
unit_of_measurement: kWh
device_class: energy
friendly_name: Riemann sum power production total

In the developer dashboard it actually has a changing value and it seems to work (maybe the data is wrong, but that I need to troubleshoot some time).

I restarted home assistant multiuple times but still, I cannot add Riemann sum power production sensor to the energy dashboard as solar panels.

From my research I know that the device class and the state class of the source sensor is important, but I think everything is correct here.
Can somebody please point out my stupid mistake?

Thanks a lot

Check in developer-tools/statistics and see if your riemann sensor is listed there, and see if it has a reported issue that needs to be fixed.

hi karwosts,
no errors reported there. I failed to mention that I did set up 3 other sensors, and they are showing (power consumption of my house, grid draw and power storage draw).

But what I can see now: in my power production sensor there is no history data showing, only when I click on “show more” there is a history.
In the data there is a weird starting point. Can that influence the availability in the energy dashboard?

No, I just purged the historical data, still there is no history shown until I click on “show more” and the sensor is not showing up in the energy dashboard

No I wouldn’t think that matters. Is “Riemann sum power production total” listed on statistics devtools at all? Does it appear if you put it in a statistics graph card?