Cannot add Xiaomi Air Purifier despite succesful integration message


I want to ad my Xiaomi Air Purifier 2s through Miio integration. It accepts my credentials, displays all devices I have in my Miio cloud, after clicking on the Purifier it says that it was succesful, but no integration appears. The device or its entities cannot be found in the list.

I tried installing the integration through HACS but honestly didn’t want to go into all the manual work, so I deleted it.

I would suspect there is some data to be cleaned before trying again (I did the usual troubleshooting like restart etc), but cannot find any related entries in configuration.yaml or any other files. Nothing related to "xiaomi’ or “miio”.

I’d appreciate your help on this.


Instead of using Xiaomi Miio integration I just had to use Xiaomi Miot from HACS.