Cannot cast to Google Hub

Hi experts,

I am trying to cast my dashboard to my Google Hub. I the past I got it to work but now I am just getting “Error: Unable to connect to the Home Assistant Websocket API”.

I have HTTPS enabled. I recently re-added the Cast integration and it found my devices. My Google Home integrations works well (disabling lights from the Hub) but I cannot get the cast to work. I have also added my external and internal URL in the config. Any other direction I could be looking?

THank you.

Google Cast requires HTTPS, which requires accurate DNS.

What DNS server is your cast device using?
Do you have an internal DNS server?
What IP does your Home Assistant URL (the one on your certificate) resolve to internally?

I have my own domain (https) which uses DNS and points to my internal home assistant IP ( How can I see what DNS server the cast device is using?

Should I put my external address in ‘known hosts’? I tried that but did not work either.

You’ve literally answered none of the questions I asked. Lol

I wish you luck.

I use DashCast from HACS to cast my dashboard to my Google Nest Hub and it works well for me using the internal HA IP address.

I think I have, and I tried as best as possible. Networking is not my strongsuit. But thanks for your constructive reply…

I tried this in the past, but I will give it another go, thanks.