Cannot configure integrations

The parameters (e.g. username and password) of the integrations cannot be changed once they have been installed. If I open the “system options” menu of an integration there is only the item “enable new added entities”

Not all of the integrations support making changes to the configuration after the initial setup.

to make any changes you have to delete the integration then re-add it with the desired corrections.

Yes, I know … it was better to configure them with yaml where you can change everything at any time … Thanks for the reply

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Sorry. I thought that you had a question…

But I agree that it was better to have the option to either config in yaml or UI. But that is quickly becoming not possible.

Yes, it was not a question but an observation and an invitation to implement the possibility of changing the parameters …
I know that soon it will not be possible, it is precisely because of the deprecation of that practice that I wrote this thing …
Generally, when you delete something you should first provide an equivalent or better alternative :wink:

Thanks again