Cannot connect to HA (frontend)


yesterday I had an issue after restarting / rebooting HA.
There was an syntax error in one of my files (shame on me) - senor.yaml. My frontend was not reachable. Also I wasn’t able to connect via ssh.
Luckily, I was able to access the IDE via adding the port to my url and I solved the issue.

So, why do hassio / HA crashes when there is an (syntax) error in one of my files? It seems the error handling can be optimized. This is not the first time I recognized this problem.

Does anyone had the same issues?

because it relies heavily on your yaml to be correct. There is a check config button in the GUI that you should use BEFORE simply rebooting HA.

Okay, I will remember that before I reboot HA.
Nevertheless, a whole crash of my system because of syntax error…

Is there a command for the console checking if my config is valid? Or do I have to go to the check config button?

The whole system didn’t crash. It didn’t boot because you had a problem with your YAML. It reads your YAML and will just stop loading if it’s broken. I’m not sure how you would expect it to continue booting if you messed it up. It can’t just ignore a yaml section and move on.


Thank you, I learned something new.

I would also suggest installing the ssh add-on if you don’t already have it. That will give you command line access if the front end is having problems. Samba is also another good one to have.