Cannot connect to Home Assistant on Synology NAS

I’m new to Home Assistant and tried to install it today on my Synology DS1019+. I installed to docker package and then followed these instructions to install the Home Assistant docker. This seemed to work fine; the Docker is running and using some resources. However, I cannot connect to Home Assistant on <NAS_IP_address>:8123. The connection timed out.

Since I’m new to this, there is a fair change I’m overlooking something. I repeated the install a few times but did not get any further.
Any help would be appreciated.

You will increase the chance of getting any help by providing the logs from the home-assistant container, right click, information, log.

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Thanks for the tip, I will do that next time. For now I’ve found the solution, I stupidly forgot to allow port 8123 through the Synology’s firewall.

Hi Bert-Jan van Regteren,
I also have DS1019+ and am looking at the possibly installing HA on it.

  • Are you still running HA OS under Docker on the DS1019+ ?
  • Are you on DSM Any issues?

If not still with HA on the NAS, what are your recommendations/experience for running HA?

Best regards, Ian.