Cannot connect to Homeassistant web-interface after setup

Hi. I just installed HomeAssistant on a Raspberry Pi using the a YouToube video Home Assistant COMPLETE Beginners Guide 2023 - YouTube.

Every thing seems to work fine, my Raspberry shows the Home Assistant command line and the URLs that I should use to access the HomeAssistant interface.

However, when I try to access these URLs from my notebook (Macbook Air) nothing happens. I also installed the HomeAssistant app on my Android Phones but cannot access Homeassistant.

I am on my home wifi network (Google Wifi routers), I use a Conbee2 with the Raspberry.

Any idea what I should do?

Thank you,

What url’s have you tried?

Try your-pi-ipaddress:8123

Thank you. Where can I find the IP adress?

One way to do it is by using Angry IP Scanner: It was the only way I could find my Octopi when I first set it up, and it’s very easy to use.

You could also log into your router by going to in a browser and using the password. If you haven’t changed it, search online for the default password for your particular router. There should be some kind of network map that you can go through of devices connected to your wifi either wirelessly or by ethernet.

And if you can’t find it, though this may seem like an obvious question, are you sure that your Raspberry Pi is connected to the wifi? More specifically, do you have an ethernet cable plugged in (because that’s more reliable anyways)? I have had that trip me up before.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 070850

See inside red squiggly line. :slight_smile: