Cannot delete dead Z-wave node

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I have created a small Z-wave network of three Fibaro smoke sensors. One failed for some reason and lost connection to the controller which I was not able to re-establish. After resetting the smoke sensor and adding it as a new node I now have a ghost node, the old node. I am not able to delete it from OZW admin (VNC). Please, can anyone help me how to delete this ghost node?

Raspberry Pi 4b
Aeotec ZW090 Gen5 EU
HassOS 4.12
Supervisor version 235
Mosquitto broker 5.1 (add-on)
OpenZWave 0.5.2 (add-on)

You can try to send the command “hasnodefailed” with mqtt, and after that, send a “removefailednode”

Simply go to the mqtt-integration and send a packet to the topic

With the payload
node: X (where X is your node id)

And after that, send the same
With the payload
node: X

That managed to remove a couple of my faled nodes, but not all of them, unfortunately…

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Thanks Olen!

I do not know much about MQTT and Z-wave scripting but I do follow your point. Unfortunately, it did not remove the node.

You can use a tool connecting your usb stick directly on your computer. The tool is called “Zensys tool” and you can find it on internet. After that, you will easily remove the failed node. Just be cautious on the tool because it can also harm your network or even worse, the stick itself.