Cannot delete entities

HA v2023.9.3

I have several entities defined in a custom component that exposes binary_sensors and switches. When I comment specific ones out and reboot HA, the entities continue to show up in HA. Similarly, I have a cover template that includes these entities. Again, when I comment out the cover template, reboot HA, the specific cover template is still in HA.

Reading the forums, there is mention of a known.yaml, but I do not have this file. I have also tried removing the entities through Settings → Devices & services → Entities, but the entities in question all have the “read-only” symbol beside them.

How do I remove unwanted entities???

Have you tried disabling the integration these entities belong to( and all related automations, scripts, templates, where these are referred to ), restart Ha, then delete the entities

Hi @boheme61 , (and everybody) :slightly_smiling_face:

Having the same problem I tried your solution but the word “delete” remains grayed out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I did mean In Setting/devices-Service/entities

  1. disable the integration(and all it’s entities)
    (1.5 -restart ha) … just as precaution
  2. enable the entities you want to “Remove”
  3. restart ha, when asked
  4. choose the enabled entities, then “Remove”

Should work, i just tried to remove bunch of unknown-device_trackers

I tried that. Commented out my custom component in configuration.yaml, commented out all references to the entities in all my .yaml files. Yet, even after a reboot, the entities continue to linger. They’re still marked as “read-only”, so I cannot delete them through the UI either.


You can do this:

a) shutdown HA
b) edit config/.storage/core.entity_registry search a delete the entries

Probably a good idea to make a backup of the file. The file is Json and if you break the format then HA will not start.

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That did the trick. Thank you!

I “missed” that it was an integration in configuration.yaml , thou ofcause the suggested solution is always an “option”, regardless whether there is an existing integration or not. ( as a last “resort” )

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