Cannot expose Roomba Vacuum to Google Assistant (Not using HA Cloud)


I successfully added my Roomba 860 to Home Assistant and on another front, I successfully configured Google Assistant to connect to Home Assistant using the google_assistant component. So no cloud component involved.

Resync google assistant work but no matter how much I try to resync, either from Home Assistant service call page or from my android devices, the Roomba won’t show up.

I saw some post that suggest to expose the vacuum as a switch to Google Assistant in the customize.yaml file.

Since all components are working on their own, I think the only relevant piece of config is in customize.yaml file.

  friendly_name: 'Roomba'
  google_assistant: 'true'
  google_assistant_type: 'switch'
    - Roomba
    - Rumba

I’m not sure if it matters but the customization.yaml file is included under the “homeassistant” component as it is by default. Is there another type of “customize” component?

Second, the post I read about exposing as switch is a tad old. Isn’t there a better way to expose a vacuum to Google Assistant nowadays?