Cannot find add-on for RTL-SDR

I admit: I’m rather new here. But I’ve searched and searched. My overall aim is to get signals from various weather sensors sending on 433 MHz into my HA; probably via mqtt.

I have found several posts about the integration of RTL-SDR, when running HA in an environment where one has access to a prompt and can do sudo stuff.

However, as a newbie - both to Linux and to HA - I decided to use the HAOS image available for my RPi 3+ and the ‘managed environment’, and it seems that although I have installed “Terminal & SSH” I cannot do a lot. In a managed environment an add-on seems the only way forward.

It appears that there was once an add-on for the previous hass-io, but I cannot find one for my new installation. Is it because I need to add more repositories to the add-on store, or isn’t there any for HA?

…or am I perhaps on a wrong track?

You will have to add a custom repository:

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Thanks a lot, Tom_I.
Added the repository like this
2021-02-23 13_32_46-Supervisor - Home Assistant — Mozilla Firefox
Unfortunately it seems that the latest update of HA makes the add-in non-functional. I’ll study the comments and follow the development here.
Cannot help wondering if interest in sniffing 433 MHz data has been lost since there is only an un-official and somewhat old add-on available.

Yeah looking closely at the repository it has not been updated since June 2019 and there have been a lot of unanswered issues raised since then.

Looks abandoned.

Your other option is open mqtt gateway. Not an addon. Is very actively developed. Requires some cheap hardware:

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