Cannot find configuration.yaml

Just getting started with home assistant and I don’t have a ton of experience with command line either. With that I am not able to find my configuration.yaml file anywhere. So here is what I get when I go into command line:

pi@openhabpi:~ $ cd ~/.homeassistant
pi@openhabpi:~/. homeassistant $ ls
pi@openhabpi:~/. homeassistant $ cd conf
pi@openhabpi:~/. homeassistant/conf $ ls
appdaemon.yaml apps.yaml compiled
pi@openhabpi:~/. homeassistant/conf $

I’m at a loss as to what I should do? My home assistant is running off a raspi3 and I’m trying to access it from a separate raspi3 with a screen that I’m going to use as a touch interface for the home control.

I also forgot to mention that raspi3 was set up using

Check the /config directory.

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