Cannot find events in logs

I am trying to setup an automation which gets triggered on a zwave.scene_activated event. Unfortunately I am having trouble setting this up correctly and think it would be very helpful to see the event, and its fields, in the logs.

I can see in the Home Assistant documentation that events are supposed to be logged in the system log. However I checked the system log (for core and supervisor) and don’t see any events being logged at all. I set system_log.fire_event to true in my Home Assistant configuration.yaml, but realized that wasn’t the option I needed.

I know that the event is firing because if I remove the entity_id from the automation trigger configuration, so that the automation triggers on any event of type zwave.scene_activated, my automation runs. Additionally I can see the central scene change in the OZW_Log.txt.

My hope is if I can see more details about the data associated with the event in the logs I’ll be able to fix my automation trigger. Unfortunately no events are showing in the logs. Is there some sort of configuration I must set so that events get logged?

What Z-Wave integration are you using? I am using zwavejs2mqtt which has its own debug logging.

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Thank you so much for the reply!

I believe I am using the Open ZWave. I have also found that this Z-Wave integration has its own debugging file: OZW_Log.txt. This file was very useful because I can see that my central scene is being triggered.

However this file shows information in terms of Z-Wave’s context. So it says stuff like node11 triggered central scene foo bar. The problem is I don’t know what entity ID node11 is.

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I found a solution.

Although I was not able to find a text log of these events I found something even better. This post mentions using the Developer Tools > Events page to listen for the event you are interested in.

Using this technique I was able to see the event I was triggering my automation from, and learn that I was specifying the wrong entity_id.

A note for anyone else having issues with the zwave.scene_activated event: the entity_id for the event may be different from the entity_id you may be used to using for the physical switch. There is a special Z-Wave entity_id.