Cannot find innr plug with Hue after being paired with ZHA/Conbee

I have an Innr SP120 Zigbee plug which I want to move from my ZHA/HA network to my Hue network, however this is not working:

  1. I can reset the plug by pressing the power button 5 seconds, and then find it in Home Assistant with ZHA/Conbee
  2. I can use Touchlink (using Hue Essentials app) to reset the plug when close to Hue bridge – meaning the Hue bridge can somehow talk to it
  3. I cannot find the plug either with Hue Essentials or with official Hue app:
    1. after resetting it OR
    2. after pairing & deleting it from HA OR
    3. after using Touchlink
    4. regardless of whether I start searching before or after resetting the plug

Any idea what is going and how I can get this device back in my Hue network? The plug is 10cm away from the Hue bridge during these tests.

Have you properly removed it from ZHA? Maybe it is trying to communicate with it still.

Good idea, yes I did, I even added it back and then removed it from ZHA (see bullet 3.2). No dice :frowning: