Cannot find Raspberry PI 4 on homeassistant.local.8123

Hi, i have installed the Raspberry PI Homeassistant OS on to the SD card, installed it into the Raspberry PI and connected it up, left it 30 mins and still no joy when i try homeassistant.local.8123
any suggestions

Do you know what ip address your Pi got on the network and does http://[thatipaddress]:8123/ work?

Use the actual IP address of the machine (Raspberry PI). The http://[homeaasistant.local]:8123 only works if on a PC/MAC/Linux desktop or if you’ve setup external access with a DNS record of the IP address (Public not a hidden or GNAT) of the router at your location.

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Hi there, thanks for the reply.
It started to work after about 10 mins…
it must just take time to set up.
thanks again…