Cannot find the entity name of an entity that appears in the "Controls" section of a device card

I am confused about entity names. I am writing a custom card and I want to get the name of the entity that shows up on the devices tab of the home assistant UI. When I pull up a device I see a bunch of controls. The controls have friendly looking names, like “Button One”. In my JS code I am trying to get this name. It doesn’t appears anywhere as far as I can tell, not the name, not the friendly_name, etc. I must be doing something silly. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

See image - the name “Button 16” for example is what I want to grab from the entity. I cannot find it in any of the entity or entity registry objects.

Tap on any one of those names. Like button 16, for instance… Then a popup will appear. In that popup look for the gear icon near top right (next to the three dot ellipsis menu) tap the gear.