Cannot find Wiser Home Assistant Integration

I have installed HA follwing the instructions for WSL method. It works and I have an account. However, I cannot find the Wiser integration in the lists that I have found.This topic does not appear here so must have done something dumb… I would be grateful for any advice.

You need to install it via HACs. Ie install HACs in your HA environment and then you can install with Drayton Wiser integration.

Thank you for your response. It took a while but finally got to see the Wiser integration. There must have been a good reason to force the HACS route rather than including Wiser in the 2177 other integrations. I did try the Manual method along the way but must have missed something. It has been an education.
My motivation for this is my large Wiser installation that needs several smart plugs acting as relays. Mithering Wiser support when things go wrong with devices wastes their and my effort. Next up will be the Zigbee Network Card which looks to be exactly what I need!

Cheers KevinC