Cannot Form Simple ZWave Light Switch Group

Hello Everyone,

I cannot get a simple group to form. Using this link: from the Home Assistant documentation and tailoring it to what I think it needs to be for my setup all of my Zwave light switches disappear on the HA --> Overview page!

Here is my group settings in: configuration.yaml:

> group:
>   default_view:
>     view: yes
>     icon: mdi:home
>   entities:
>       - group.outside
>   outside:
>     name: Outside
>     entities:
>       - switch.ge_12722_onoff_relay_switch_switch_2
>       - switch.ge_12722_onoff_relay_switch_switch_6
>       - switch.ge_14291_inwall_smart_switch_switch_3
>       - switch.ge_12722_onoff_relay_switch_switch
>       - switch.ge_12722_onoff_relay_switch_switch_7
> #group: !include groups.yaml
> #automation: !include automations.yaml
> script: !include scripts.yaml

Would someone tell me what I’m doing wrong bc at this point its not clear.

Shouldn’t the entities-part of default_view be indented one more step, as it is in the outside group.

Please tell me you are joking, you mean spacing/indentations matter in these config files???

Not joking at all I’m afraid, whitespace is very important in yaml-files.

GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS!!! How in the hell are we suppose to keep track of all that, it’s like adding a 3rd dimension to config files and making my eyes go crossed? You are correct though, if I space the “default_view” I get an error on the Configurator page. I guess I need to get a Sharpie and draw some vertical lines on my monitor?

I moved the first “entities” entry to vertically line up with the “icon” entry and it appears to have worked. Is there plans to migrate to a different configuration besides yaml as this seems very counter-intuitive? I feel like one misplacement of the cursor before a copy and paste will doom my configuration!

You seem upset, no need :slight_smile:
YAML is just a part of Home Assistant you’ll learn to live with. For me, it really helped to install the Atom editor with YAML linter plugin. It helps with the formatting. You’ll have to activate the Samba plugin to access your config files with Atom.

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I would recommend a PROPER text editor. If you are using notepad, stop. Use Atom, Visual Studio Code, or if you MUST use a lesser editor Notepad++.

It’s been YAML for YEARS…I really doubt there is any way they are going to move away from YAML running the backend. At some point we might be able to add components in from the front end, but if you want to use Home Assistant now, you better take a few minutes to understand YAML.

I suppose I’m a little frustrated…it’s been a long tiring week, it’s a beautiful Saturday and I want to get some projects done around the house but ended up wasting a lot of time on the config files which ultimately ended up being a spacing issue. So yeah, just a little frustrated but it’s water under the bridge now :slight_smile: I’ll try your suggestion, thanks!

I understand, when I get some free time I’ll read into YAML. I’m migrating over from HomeGenie because I was not able to perform the Secure Zwave Pairing with HomeGenie. I’ve been able to get Home Assistant to pair with all my Zwave devices but hit several road blocks with the config files. I was hoping it would be more “turn-key” and graphical because I just do not have the time to read into everything at this time…but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it to.


You chose the wrong home automation tool then. Sadly, we aren’t there yet.

It’s really the only choice I could find, like I said you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Unfortunately the rest of the world is okay with putting access to their door locks, cameras, lights etc… on some cloud server they know nothing about and I can not understand why? This in turn makes it extremely difficult for the rest of us who do not want a third party hosting access to our homes. Compared to nightmares like OpenHAB, Home Assistant is much better so I will stick with it for now. I hope it keeps the momentum going and continues to improve!

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