Cannot get HA OS to work

Have tried to get HAOS to work with PI4, but following the directions on the HA website I cannot get to the point that homeassistant.local:8123 will open up on my windows version of Firefox. The description makes it sound so simple but I just doesn’t seem to work for me. I do have a small screen attached to the pi so that I can see what is happening and it shows no eth0 ip address for the pi.

I have had some name resolution that had similar issues. Did you name the Home Assistant something else? It might be <newname>.local.

Can you try the IP address? for example if the IP address of the RasPi is then

Note that the HTTP is not an error.

Thanks John,
have tried several name variations for HA but with no success.

What about the IP address?

Do you know if the cable is a good one - no eth0 screams of a bad cable - assuming you are cabling it. If you are going WIFI - DON’T!!! :slight_smile: