Cannot get HomeKit integration to work

Hi there, Am just setting up my HA on Unraid/Docker. I installed the HomeKit integration but somehow I cannot add devices to my home app. Think I followed the setup instructions properly and now I don’t have a clue what is going wrong.
I setup bridge modus and selected the device types available here. It is all german but I guess you get what I mean.
In the next screen I included the entitys.

My first try then gave me a notification with a QR-Code and a code for manual setup but with that scanned in Home app it fails because it could not connect to “Bridge”. As for now it even does not give me a new notification.
I have no idea how to solve that. An help please?

Regards Arne

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One more thing: The integration documentation says:
If you need to use the entity_config , ip_address , or advertise_ip configuration options, HomeKit Bridge must be configured via your configuration.yaml file:
What exactly does that mean? Do I have to edit my configuration.yaml by hand? At least I tried and the result was having two integrations running at the same time. None of them I was able to connect my Home app to.

Okay, next try. I was wondering if this might be a port mapping thing. There is a port 51828 shown that was not mapped in my docker config.
I added this (tcp) port to my HA container. Unfortunately with no success. I’m running out of options. Any idea someone?

I’m using network_mode: "host" in my docker-compose.yaml for Home Assistant. I’m not sure if it’s required, but it works for me and I also don’t have any issues running HomeKit.

As for your other question: you don’t have to edit configuration.yaml by hand if you don’t have to set any of the mentioned options.

Well, indeed I already thought this might be an option. I changed the network using the UnRaid docker manager but was not able to connect to the WebIF anymore after. Using Portainer to do so unfortunately told me that this is not possible for whatever reason.

EDIT: uhm, somehow I managed it by re-creating the container with host network. Seems to work now! Thx for the hint!