Cannot get my water meter to report usage, what I am missing?

I have GitHub - allangood/rtlamr2mqtt: Docker container to send rtlamr readings to a mqtt broker installed and configured as follows:

  sleep_for: 300
  verbosity: debug
  listen_only: false
  tickle_rtl_tcp: false
  device_id: single
  ha_autodiscovery: true
  ha_autodiscovery_topic: homeassistant
  base_topic: rtlamr
  tls_enabled: false
  rtltcp: "-s 2048000"
  rtlamr: "-unique=true"
  - id: <energy_meter_id>
    protocol: idm
    name: energy_meter
    format: "####.###"
    unit_of_measurement: kWh
    icon: mdi:transmission-tower
    device_class: energy
  - id: <water_meter_id>
    protocol: r900
    name: water_meter
    device_class: water
    unit_of_measurement: gal
    icon: mdi:water-check-outline

Energy is working fine since I am getting data but water is not and I can’t find what I am missing here. Before I was using GitHub - mdegat01/addon-amr2mqtt: HA Addon which runs rtlamr to read IDM power meter data and send to MQTT broker and both Energy and Water worked fine. I am not using it anymore because it suddenly stopped recording data and I could not find the problem (instead I opened a bug on GH for them with all the information they require to debug).

Does anyone have some ideas?

My setup is as follows:

I’m a step behind you, trying to use the add on rtlmar2mqtt to get data from my electric meter and that’s just not working for me, no idea why. If you could share what you did to get your electric running I would appreciate it.

Hi there, sorry for being late. So I just did follow what’s on their README file and it work right away, can you elaborate and explain what you did and what is not working means on this context?

I ended up going with the Emporia Utility Connect USB dongle, and up until about 24 hours ago it was working fine. Thanks for getting back to me. Have to troubleshoot whats not working with it now…