Cannot get Raspberry Pi Camera to work

I cannot for the life of me get the raspberry pi camera to show up. I have tried many different things. I am running on a raspberry pi model B with Raspbian and home assistant running in a virtual environment under the user “homeassistant”. My camera configuration is the basic

  - platform: rpi_camera

I have tried it without the “-” but that does not work either. I can use raspistill to generate an image but I cannot get home assistant to see the camera. I have tried specifying the file_path and making sure that I created the file with touch while logged in as homeassistant. I have added the user homeassistant to the Video group. Any help would be appreciated.

I found this issue on Github. It seems that the rpi_camera component was broken in the last update and will be fixed in the new release hopefully. I have version 0.64.3 and it does not work.

a year later, and still not fix