Cannot get Spotify Integration to work

Hi, I cannot get the Spotify integration to work.

As I understand it there are two methods, the first uses oauth and does not require a developer API to be setup and nor does it require application credentials to be allowed etc so once you allow HA to access Spotify thats it you dont also need to allow the application credentials in HA. The second method requires the client id and secret for a developer API to be setup in spotify and then these keys are stored in the yaml file. The devloper app is populated with a re-direct URL for and this also requires application credentials be to allowed on NA as part of the pairing process.

When I try method one, that is with all apps cleared out of spotify and no developer app setup and no yaml config I get the spotify application access screen where I allow HA to access Spotify and I get the nabu casa heart HA screen which tells me I can close the window.

HA then goes to “loading next steps for spotify” where it spins for a very long time and results in the following:


When I try method 2, I get the spotify access request and I also get redirected by the spotify application additionally I get the HA application credentials request before being told I can close the window. I get varying results using this method, sometimes I get the same blank box, something it adds but the entity is always unavailable, sometimes I get internal server error and told its run into trouble.

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did you manage to get it working? I have exactly the same problem.

Me too mate, doesn’t work for me

Getting the same issue. There is also a issue on github wich is still not closed.

same problem … the spotify integration doesn’t work for me. Hopefully there will be a bugfix in close future :sleepy:
Max Retries, reason: too many 429 error responses

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