Cannot install any ESPHome device....keep getting the same error message. I tried many ways and no go

It is connected to wifi and I can ping it.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

========================= [SUCCESS] Took 59.33 seconds =========================
INFO Successfully compiled program.
INFO Resolving IP address of athom-presence-sensor-9bcde0.local
ERROR Error resolving IP address of athom-presence-sensor-9bcde0.local. Is it connected to WiFi?
ERROR (If this error persists, please set a static IP address: WiFi Component β€” ESPHome)
ERROR Error resolving IP address: Error resolving address with mDNS: Did not respond. Maybe the device is offline., [Errno -5] No address associated with hostname

Try uploading via an usb cable? The failure is about network issues to your esp device, cable would eliminate it.

You can have different issues on your network about mdns, that is a different topic :slight_smile:

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Well, indeed using a USB cable worked. But now it installed OK but I cannot update or get the logs wirelessly. Thank you.

I’ll post a new message.

Have you set up the device with a static IP address?

No - I have not. Should I make a DHCP reservation or set it elsewhere ? I’m new with ESPHome

β€” Connection error occurred: Invalid encryption key

is the message I get.

Set up the static IP in the device code in ESPhome like this.

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Thank you - it works now. Very much appreciated.

No worries. If you don’t mind, please mark my comment as the solution.

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