Cannot install on CM4 Lite

I have:

  • HA Yellow PoE (though powering with a mains lead)
  • CM4 Lite (8GB / Wireless)
  • WD Green 240GB

I’ve followed the steps here:

And made it as far as Step 10 of installing the SW.

The Yellow LED flashes, then comes on solid for a bit while the green LED goes bananas.
I’m now left with a solid red LED with the green one flashing intermittently (~1Hz).
I can see the installer has claimed an IP address with the router, so it had a network connection available.

As there’s no indication of how long this step is supposed to take, so I’ve left it in this state for a couple of days, before trying to disconnect and reboot.

Upon reboot I get a solid green & red LED, with no network presence.

Any ideas where I go from here?

Can you connect using the serial console?

The WD Green appears to be a SATA drive. The HA Yellow is only compatible with M.2 NVME drives.

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Looks like this should do?

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