Cannot install zwavejs2mqtt

Hello all,
I have looked all over the internet for my issue and I seem to cannot find a solution. In the zwave documentation, it says to simply go to the supervisor and install the zwavejs2mqtt but I do not have community add-ons listed there. I do have the HACS integration to see some add ons but searching through there I do not have zwavejs2mqtt also. I went straight to github and copied the URL code and tried adding it to HACS custom repositories and even supervisor repositories with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I am kinda new to home assistant but can limp through issues myself or from reading online forums.

Thank you!

you have to add the community addon url

Thank you so much! That has been a headache trying to figure that out.

That repo should already be installed by default, but sometimes it disappears for mysterious reasons.

Yeah I remember it was. I think I did something stupid awhile ago when I installed hacs and then lost it. I thought hacs replaced it so I never thought about figuring it out.

HACS and add-ons are two completely different things.

HACS adds custom “stuff” (custom integrations, custom Lovelace cards, etc) into HA itself.

Add-ons allow you to install apps outside of HA in docker containers but are connected to HA via the supervisor.

You can’t get add-ons thru HACS.

That’s were I went wrong. I thought hacs replaced the supervisor one. I still don’t know how the supervisor one disappeared though… but it happened when I installed hacs.